Real Estate Industry Terms, Jargon, Code Words & A Chuckle or Two

Real Estate Industry Terms, Jargon, Code Words & A Chuckle or Two

  • Yvonne Summerfield, R(PB)
  • 04/1/20

The real estate industry has specialized terminology which may sound like code words in a particular communicative context & may not always be clearly understood. The below glossary is offered in jest along with a chuckle or two.  


ADDRESS - What a housewares.

BELOW MARKET - Nobody wants it.

BRIGHT & SUNNY - Window treatments missing; no blinds, shades, drapes, curtains, shutters, sheers, louvers or slats. No coverings whatsoever.

BUILD SWEAT EQUITY - Needs renovation from the studs up. See Good Bones.



CITY LIVING - Exterior doors have 3 deadbolts.

CLOSE TO BEACH - Impossible to park within 5 blocks.

COMFORTABLE - Extremely small.

COMPACT - No room larger than 9 x 6.

CONTEMPORARY FEELING - Has no woodwork, needs cleaning.

CONVENIENT TO SHOPPING - Next to strip mall.

CONVENIENT TO FREEWAY - Next to the on-ramp.

CONVENIENTLY LOCATED - Ear plugs required.

COUNTRY CHARM - No indoor plumbing. See Useful Outbuildings.

COUNTRY LIVING - Distances are measured in hours.

COZY - Too small for human habitation.

CUL-DE-SAC - Fancy dead-end living.

CUTE - Tiny.

DELIGHTFUL RURAL LOCATION - In flight path of nuclear bomber base.

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH - Upside of a rundown property.

DIRTY, UGLY, SMELLY - Dirty, ugly, smelly.

DOLLHOUSE ADORABLE - Nauseatingly cute.

EASY TO SHOW - All doors were removed.

EXTENSIVELY MODERNIZED - Former DIY owner had a breakdown under the strain.

EXTRA STORAGE - Three wall hooks.

FOR THE GARDENING ENTHUSIAST - Yard is a jungle. See Natural Landscaping.

FRESHLY PAINTED - Single coat of whatever discontinued color was on sale.

FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD - Infested with busybodies.

GOOD BONES - Needs renovation from the studs up.

INTIMATE - Smaller than charming.

HANDYMAN SPECIAL - Ready to collapse, don't go in without boots on.

HOME SICKNESS - Reoccurring feeling when mortgage is due.

HOMEOLOGY - The study of real estate.

INTIMATE - Smaller than cozy.

LIGHT OPEN SPACES - Many large holes in walls & ceiling.

LIVING ROOM - The place zombies are most attracted to.


LONG HALLWAYS – Home feature that truckers most prefer.

LOTS - What you need to know to excel at selling vacant land.


LOWER LEVEL GAME ROOM - Ping Pong table over basement sewer grate.

MINT - Mouthwash spilled on carpet.

MORTGAGE - Some dream to pay it off while others dream to get one. See Home Sickness.

MORTGAGE BROKER - A real estate broker without a sense of humor.

MOTIVATED SELLER - Been on market for 14 years.

MOVE-IN CONDITION - Front door missing.

MUCH SOUGHT AFTER - Has been on market twice before & still no one wants it.

NATURAL LANDSCAPING - Yard is a jungle.

NEEDS TLC - Major structural damage, code for fall through floor.

NICE CONDITION - Needs paint.

NOT A DRIVE BY - No curb appeal, look for a “Property Condemned” sign.

OFFERED “AS IS” - Money pit.

OLD WORLD CHARM - Has some woodwork, needs cleaning, has cobwebs.

OPEN FLOOR PLAN - Previous owner removed all supporting walls.

ORIGINAL OWNER - No upgrades since the year it was built.

OUTSTANDING - Painted bright purple, sticks out like a sore thumb.

PARTIAL CENTRAL HEATING - The room above the boiler gets warm in summer.

PLENTY OF PARKING – Stadium across the street.

POTENTIAL - Will cost more.

PRESTIGIOUS - Expensive.

PROPERTY - What a British real estate agent cares most about.

RARE OPPORTUNITY TO BUY - Nobody else wants it.

REALTOR - Someone in constant need of closure.

REPOSSESSED - How the haunted house escaped foreclosure.

SECLUDED - Far far away. See Country Living.

SECURITY SYSTEM - Neighbor has a dog.

SELLER MOTIVATED - Must sell prior to defaulting on mortgage.


SPRINKLERS BROKEN-ON - Constant source of irrigation. See Waterfront.

SUNKEN TUB – Floor not level.

SURVEYOR - King Arthur's knight who determined property boundaries.

TENANTS - How many insects it takes to make a rental profitable.

UNIQUE - Remodeled by someone tripping on LSD.

UNSPOILED - Previous owner made zero upgrades or improvements.


UNUSUAL LOCATION - Directly in path of proposed freeway.

UPDATED KITCHEN - Sink no longer overflows.

USEFUL OUTBUILDINGS - No inside toilet. See Country Charm.

WATERFRONT - Broken sprinkler in the front yard.

WATER VIEW - Need a ladder & binoculars.

WELL SITUATED - In full view of the neighbors.

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